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Rocketing to the clouds – iKala Cloud AIOps Services help enterprises manage multi-cloud environments with ease

Humankind has been actively exploring outer space since the last century, and many challenges had to be overcome to send astronauts into space. Now, enterprises are trying to fly from the “ground” to the “cloud”, which is almost as difficult if not more. iKala Cloud AIOps Services provide many key services to help IT teams fly through multi-cloud environments easily.

Exploring outer space was once an international competition in science and technology, and in recent years, Tesla founder Elon Musk is even prepared to make space travel into a commercial service and expects to carry people to land on Mars by 2026. Traveling into space relies on cutting-edge technology and precision scientific calculations, but did you know? The level of challenge for enterprises to migrate from the “ground” to the “cloud” nowadays is almost as difficult as flying into space.

For corporate information managers, limited IT resources are not enough to handle heavy maintenance and operation items; in addition, having to manage public and private cloud architectures at the same time is even more difficult, and the management of information security is complicated. For example, filter warnings must be executed manually, and there are all kinds of major and minor challenges to overcome. In other words, if enterprises want to fly to the cloud, they need large amounts of resources and labor power, just like building a rocket. However, there is now an easier way to fly to the cloud – the AIOps Services (automatic cloud hosting services) provided by the cloud technology service provider iKala.

Comprehensive planning before the rocket takes off: iKala AIOps formulates the system architecture plan and education and training

Various types of research must be done to finish a trip into space. For example, precise calculation of the flight track, landing position, fuel consumption and communication setting with earth, etc.

Enterprises with no cloud architecture experience are like scientists back in the day who had to use traditional methods to check whether there were any errors in the data. In other words, before corporate IT can be upgraded, they need experienced “cloud consultants” to clarify their needs and help make plans to “migrate to the cloud”. iKala is the best cloud consultant for enterprises. Its iKala Cloud AIOps Services come with a dedicated technical client manager to help provide enterprises with real-time technical services and professional recommendations.

So what services does iKala Cloud AIOps Services include before upgrading IT? First is the “system design plan”, which includes the system architecture plan and system launch/migration plan. The plan can respond to the needs of the client’s industry and provide corresponding solutions and consultancy services. More and more enterprises use Google’s cloud resources now, and iKala also provides training services for the Google Cloud Platform.

There are diverse GCP education and training courses, including GCP architecture (network setting planning, permission control, and computing resources, etc.), big data and machine learning (big data analysis pipeline, BigQuery, ML model training and applications), software development technology and processes (containerization, CI/CD and DevOps). Since the iKala team has obtained over 10 professional technical licenses from Google, they can get everything done at once in the early stages when enterprises are planning to migrate to the cloud, planning the overall blueprint and providing recommendations for comprehensive solutions.

Precise operations during rocket lift-off: iKala AIOps helps with real-time technical operations and maintenance, and the management of information security

The contents of iKala Cloud AIOps Services’ technical operation and maintenance services include a 7×24 help desk for issues such as emergency GCP problem repair and technical consultation for product use, or incident management such as building monitoring systems, setting and planning warning policies, or planning log collection and retention. Corporate operation and maintenance reports are also provided each month, with the reports including operation efficiency review, process optimization, new service items, and operation system recommendations.

As for the management of information security, in addition to the basic GCP project permission control scan and the information security vulnerability scans for applications in the top 10 items of OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project), iKala can also help enterprises implement the DDoS defense mechanism of GCP for DDoS protection, which has become increasingly important in recent years. iKala has years of software development and cloud management experience, being able to share first-hand practices and experiences on DevOps and AI with its clients.

When the rocket is ready and counting down to lift-off, it is the key moment that determines whether the space travel this time will be successful. From the astronauts’ training and physical examination before the trip to the completion of the testing of the rocket’s engines, there could have been explosions if there were any static electricity or sparks. Just for the lift-off stage alone, the space station has to have a large number of system engineers standing by on the side for the structure, thermal control, posture control, data processing, electrical energy, remote command, propulsion and flight software, etc.

In other words, the process for corporate IT to migrate to the cloud is like the moment when the rocket is about to take off – it requires professional engineers with sufficient experience to provide enterprises with real-time help to successfully move to the cloud, as well as to quickly eliminate emergency situations. Therefore, iKala Cloud AIOps Services provide two major forms of key assistance: technical operations and maintenance, and information security management.

Enabling automatic navigation after rocket lift-off: iKala AIOps provides AI automated monitoring and account management

After the rocket has lifted off successfully, in order for astronauts to execute the next stage of the mission, they need to switch the rocket to autopilot mode, or when exploring other planets, they need robots to help with tasks that cannot be achieved by labor power, allowing the astronauts to focus on the more important tasks. In other words, the IT architecture in the cloud is like the rocket that has lifted off – the load of the IT staff should be reduced, not even having to waste time on routine tasks, so they can quickly grasp the operation status of the entire information system.

However, for the IT architecture to have an auto pilot function like the rocket, an extremely high technical threshold is required, and iKala Cloud AIOps Services also offer corresponding services. This way, the IT staff can invest their productive forces in R&D projects with better commercial values, allowing the IT department to transform into a unit that can create output value instead of only having a logistics and supporting role.

Taking stock of iKala Cloud AIOps Services, it has a total of three major types of services in this area. One is an automated AI monitoring and notification service that can help the IT staff monitor the systems actively and grasp whether there are abnormal operations. The second is account management that can help enterprises generate monthly usage account analysis reports for cloud services, and integrate the billing for software license needs to Marketplace and third-party service providers to achieve automated license purchasing and management.

The third is for the service-level agreement (SLA) where iKala Cloud AIOps Services offer two modes – 24×7 and 5×8 – to provide phone and e-mail contact when important GCP services are interrupted abnormally. Also, a monthly meeting (either on-site or through remote video conference) will be held to submit written reports. Currently, iKala has served over 400 corporate clients ranging over dozens of industries; it is the best and most trustworthy partner to help enterprises migrate to cloud successfully.

In fact, cloud hosting services are currently the most popular trend. According to a report from the market research company MarketsandMarkets Research, the scale of the global cloud hosting service market is expected to grow from US$62.4 billion in 2020 to US$116.2 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.3%. This means that many enterprises will adopt cloud hosting services in the future in order to reduce the investment costs and risks for IT infrastructure and to increase the competitiveness of enterprise operations.

Therefore, it can be seen that the digital transformation of enterprises is like the Space Race in the last century. “Time is the decisive point” – compared to enterprises with leading digital capabilities, the companies that started their digital transformation later will only fall further and further behind. Work with iKala now and try out iKala Cloud AIOps Services to build stable IT systems and march towards data-driven business models, allowing your enterprise to stand steadily in the digital era and fly between multiple clouds.

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