1. What kind of infrastructure services does iKala Cloud provide?

    We provide 24/7 technical support, GCP training, migration solution, billing support and advanced services. Please refer to GCP Infrastructure Services for details.

  2. What is the difference between collaborating with Google and iKala Cloud?

    「We provide prompt technical consult and we are willing to issue invoices, daily/monthly GCP usage reports, and more. Please refer to GCP Infrastructure Services for details.

  3. How to start the collaboration with iKala Cloud? Do we need to sign a contract?

    Please Contact Us to start the process and identify the services you need, we’ll follow up accordingly. As for contracts, we will prepare a simple one for you, and then create a sub-account to transfer the billing account within 1 minute.

  4. Will our project be affected if we change our Billing Account?

    Certainly not. Billing account and project are separated resources on GCP, therefore your project won’t be influenced when you update the billing account. Furthermore, we won’t be able to access your projects to provide support unless you grant us permission.

  5. Can iKala Cloud provide a formal quotation for our procurement process?

    Sure, please contact iKala Cloud if you require a formal quotation.

  6. Can non-Taiwan based company work with iKala Cloud?

    Absolutely yes, we have many clients across APAC markets. Please contact iKala Cloud for further support. We will contact you shortly.

Contact Us

If you need further information, please send a mail to cloud@ikala.tv or call +886-2-8768-1110 directly, thank you.

"iKala Cloud", Google Cloud Premier Partner, provides AI-driven marketing technology solutions and Google Cloud infrastructure services. Our customers cover industries spanning gaming, e-commerce, media, ad tech, and finance. Headquartered in Taiwan and operating in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.


如果您有任何問題,可以先參考 FAQ 、寄信至 cloud@ikala.tv 或者 直接撥打 +886 2 87681110,謝謝!