iKala Machine Learning Services

iKala Machine Learning Services

Empower your data to serve your business better

Help defining business issues and providing with Google AI training courses. Take your ML projects to production, quickly and cost-effectively.

Custom projects based on practical industry vertical experiences, transferable process understanding, and business acumen.

Google authorized “Premier Partner”for cloud infrastructure and data analytics, with a team of more than 40 architects and data scientists.

Build, Measure, Learn and Optimize to Drive Most Impact

  • 1
    • Machine Learning Introduction

    • Machine Learning 101
    • Google AI methodology
  • 2
    • Analysis Topics Confirmation

    • Case sharing by verticals
    • Group discussion to define business issues
  • 3
    • Data Preparation

    • Customer data preparation
    • Customized training courses based on predefined topics
    • Project scope development
    • Hands-on workshops
  • 4
    • Data Analysis

    • Data cleansing
    • Data discovery
    • Model building
    • Model tuning
  • 5
    • Results Evaluation

    • Data interpretation
    • Result sharing
    • Review and actionable insights

Unify Data. Discover Insight. Get Fast Result.

Recommendation Engine Deliver personalized product or content based on users’ online behavior and preference
Cluster Analysis Segment users or items based on what they have in common
LTV Prediction Predict the life-time value of each customer to help business invest smartly in terms of user contribution
User-centric View Create a DNA bank for each user based on their profile and online behavior
Text Mining Exchange words from unstructured data into numerical values for patterns and relationships analysis
Churn Prediction Identify customers that might discontinue your service and react accordingly to re-engage them
Sales Forecast Forecast the sales volume of products to improve your inventory management
Keyword Extraction Automatically extract the most important words and expressions in a text to facilitate article categorization
Association Analysis Identify items that have an affinity for each other to strategically recommend relevant content

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"iKala Cloud", Google Cloud Premier Partner, provides AI-driven marketing technology solutions and Google Cloud infrastructure services. Our customers cover industries spanning gaming, e-commerce, media, ad tech, and finance. Headquartered in Taiwan and operating in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.


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