Tailored for schools and homeschools, Learning without Borders

Google Workspace for Education allows teachers and students across the globe to collaborate, streamline instruction, and keep learning safe.
GmailGmail DriveDrive 日曆Calendar MeetMeet 文件Docs 試算表Sheets 表單Forms 簡報Slides KeepClassroom 協作平台Sites KeepAssignments KeepGroups KeepAdmin
 Education StandardTeaching and Learning
Education Plus
Peer comparison on originality reports-
3rd-party app integration--
Google Meet
Maximum number of participants 100250250
In-domain live streaming (maximum number viewers, staff licenses only)-10K100K
Digital whiteboard
Hand raising
Record meeting & save them to DriveTill 2021
Breakout rooms
Breakout rooms
Noise cancellation
Track attendance
Storage and collaboration
Email, document, photo storage100 TB pooled cloud storage
Additional pooled cloud storage100 GB per user 20 GB per user
Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites
Junk email filtering and virus blocking
ads turned off
Gmail data loss prevention (DLP)
Malware detection in email attachments (Security sandbox)-
Team calendars, Resource booking -
安全中心:安全調查工具 排除網路詐騙、垃圾郵件等威脅
Chat and chat rooms
Security and data protection
Security center: Security dashboard-
Security center: Security investigation tool-
Collaboration with trusted external domains
Connect LDAP-based apps and services
Autoprovisioning of SAML apps (maximum number)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Control access based on user and device context--
Device management
Fundamental endpoint management
Advanced endpoint management
Enterprise endpoint management -
Cloud Search
Google Cloud Search for internal search and assist--
Google Vault
for eDiscovery and information goveranance
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