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Dcard voting live chat room: Use Google Cloud to establish deep connections with users

Dcard voting live chat room attracted more than 200 thousands of participants
Dcard voting live chat room attracted more than 200 thousands of participants

Attract close to 200,000 young people to participate in discussion

In this era of information explosion, there are hundreds of channels over which one can obtain information. This overload of information means that users have to filter content, and search engine algorithms have become a powerful tool for content filtering as well as middleman between content operators and users. Increasing intimacy with users while avoiding being pushed out by monopolies in terms of traffic and advertising revenue is an important goal for many media and content companies.

In recent years, setting up real-time discussion areas for popular current events (such as: regular competitions, awards ceremonies) has become a major method for media looking to increase visibility and audience loyalty. iKala has developed a number of cloud-native products, such as the streaming platform StraaS which provides multiple interactive audio-visual modules. Enterprises can substantially convert their traffic and popularity into revenue. Services loaded on the cloud can not only take advantage of the cloud’s high scalability, but also can use machine learning and big data analysis to provide the media industry with precise user views. This allows the media to concentrate their efforts on deeper content cultivation and topic management. This time, iKala worked with Dcard, a popular platform among the youth, to run a voting live chat room event for the 2020 Taiwan election, with nearly 200,000 young people participating.

Dcard Product Manager He Wei-ting explains: “This technical connection with iKala helped complete the goal of completing development, testing, and launching all within 7 days. The iKala team provided superb assistance with their technical ability and experience, which reduced the many risks and costs associated with the project, allowing the team to concentrate its efforts on the promotion of the event. That met our overall requirements for speed and quality.”
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Highly stable, integrated underlying technology can meet traffic peaks with ease

Dcard users enjoyed a smooth social experience on voting day, all thanks to the impeccable infrastructure of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). GCP’s local data center in Changbin, Taiwan can minimize service latency while also shortening the distance between Dcard and the majority of Taiwanese users. Google has global deployment of Cloud CDN and dedicated subsea fiber optic cables globally, allowing overseas users to quickly access content over a stable and secure network without being restricted by geographic region. If services suddenly flood with peak traffic, the Cloud Load Balancing automatic resource scheduling function can expand the scale from zero to full configuration without even needing to warm up.

IT staff can fully understand the code and analyze abnormal traffic through the hosted monitoring service Stackdriver. If there is an error message in maintenance operations, the pre-set “alert” function will immediately notify the on-duty engineer who can then check whether the service is secure. During the live broadcast, Dcard can not only analyze user connection quality through the data storage product BigQuery, but it can also use it to obtain key information such as session duration, and instantly determine the content’s acceptance and the topic’s popularity on the market.

This time iKala and Dcard have deepened their cooperation and become the technology provider of voting live chat rooms for the presidential election. iKala created a customized chat room module for Dcard that monitors service status during the entire process on the day of voting. Dcard users can also use their mobile phones or computers to join the discussion. The intuitive design interface allows Dcard to easily manage the state of the chat room and set speaking permissions. It also completed the serial connection test in less than 7 days, so that the event could go online immediately before the presidential election and quickly integrate with social media topics.

From the cooperation between iKala and Dcard on the presidential election live chat room, it is apparent that in addition to providing high-quality content, media can also use technology to increase audience loyalty and enhance interaction with users. Finding reliable technology partners and making wise use of interactive marketing tools can be an effective catalyst for accelerating market integration, allowing the media to concentrate their efforts on topic management and attract more attention and traffic.


Company Introduction

Founded in 2011, Dcard, with 15 million unique visitors every month, is a social platform with extremely high penetration and influence among the youth. Dcard’s unique “card draw” function allows students from various universities and colleges to be randomly matched at midnight. Dcard is also the largest anonymous forum in Taiwan, allowing users to freely express their ideas and exchange opinions.

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