AIOps Cloud Managed Services

helping enterprises operate with high efficiency and assisting in solving cloud maintenance issues

Are you facing the following challenges?

Heavy operational workloads

Faced with intense project schedules, tight IT resources and heavy operation maintenance workloads everyday, companies may find themselves out of resource or manpower to engage in more strategic project.

Complex IT architecture

As businesses expand, in order to cut down increase capital costs, companies may consider deploying a hybrid environment. Resulting in needs for a simple and effective multi-cloud or hybrid cloud hosting solution.

Security concerns

With security threats on the rise, IT admins are tirelessly defending attacks, filtering threats and monitoring for abnormal activities. It is time for companies to start seek for an automated monitoring solution.

Why are AIOps cloud hosting services needed?

With the expansion of enterprises, the proliferation of equipment and data, and the rise of virtualization and cloud computing technologies, IT architecture has become increasingly complex.

According to a CompTIA survey, there are four main reasons why enterprises adopt AIOps cloud hosting services:

Improve efficiency and reliability of IT operations

Cloud hosting service providers can share the burdens of IT maintenance and use the latest cloud technology and resources to help enterprises improve their operational stability.

Enhance security and compliance

Enterprises rely on cloud hosting service providers who understand the data protection regulations of various countries and industries to ensure that IT maintenance is secure and compliant.

Proactively maintains operation services

Cloud hosting service providers help enterprises automatically monitor and detect potential problems and information security holes, proving great savings compared to manual monitoring.

Return on investment (ROI) and cost savings

Cloud hosting service providers help enterprises save on costs from software, hardware, and maintenance, allowing the system to maximize benefits and stabilize monthly expenditures.

The three highlights of iKala Cloud AIOps cloud hosting services

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60+cloud technology certifications

iKala Cloud has more than 60 technical certifications for fields in infrastructure, data analysis, machine learning, and marketing technology (MarTech). Our professional services have received high acclaim from our clients.


Abundant practical experience in AI

iKala has many years of experience in software development and cloud processes. We Provide customer technical support for GCP maintenance, and also provide experience sharing with DevOps, AI best practices.

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Success stories from multiple industries

We have served 400+ well-known enterprise customers, and provide services over 7+ industries, including gaming, media, finance, medical care, communications, retail and manufacturing.

iKala Cloud AIOps

iKala Cloud focuses on the entire life cycle of the IT infrastructure, and provides 5 phased service models and 6 cloud hosting service. Regardless of the stage of the cloud technology adoption life cycle, iKala Cloud will assign a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) to provide enterprise automation, one-stop, real-time, and proactive technical services and professional advice, all of which help enterprises reduce their IT maintenance costs, build stable operating systems, and move towards a data-driven business model.

Draft Resolution
& Initial Program

  • Needs Assessment
  • Service Introduction
  • Framework Proposal

Consultation Service

  • Technical Training
  • Technology Consulting
  • Operation Monthly Report


  • Professional Needs
  • Advanced Training
  • Deployment Validation

Cloud Migration

  • Virtual Machine(VM) Migration
  • Container Transformation
  • Data Warehouse Migration
  • Data Migration

AIOps Service

  • Environment/Programme
  • Service Introduction
  • Framework Proposal

6 AIOps cloud hosting service projects

1.System Design & Planning

  • Application solutions
  • System architecture planning consultation
  • Launch or migration plan consultation

2.GCP Education & Training

  • GCP infrastructure
  • Big data and machine learning
  • Solution building/PoC project implementation

3.Technical Maintenance

  • 24 × 7 Help Desk
  • 5 × 8 Help Desk
  • Urgent-level upgrades for issues
  • Monthly meeting report

4.AI Automated Monitoring

  • Abnormal cost monitoring
  • Service availability monitoring
  • Abnormal operation monitoring

5.Information Security

  • GCP project permissions control scanning
  • OWASP Top 10 vulnerability scanning for applications
  • DDoS protection

6.Account Management

  • License procurement management
  • Monthly usage billing analysis report

Solutions Packages

Support*Hours (month)P2 & P3:total 8 hrP1:6hr
P2 & P3:total 18 hr
P2 & P3:total 46 hr
System Ticket
Tel Ticket(P1 only)-
monthly/bimonthly meeting--
System architect-
Billing/Security/Monitoring planning--

*Definitions of technical maintenance categories:


P1:Refers to material impact whereby services in the production environment cannot be used. Response time ≤ 1 hour.
P2:Refers to high impact whereby services in the production environment have been severely affected, but are now available. Response time ≤ 4 hours.
P3:Refers to low-to-medium impact whereby services in the test environment and development environment are partially affected, but their use is not affected.Response time ≤ 12 hours

Response time: Time is calculated from after the system completes ticket issuance or after the dedicated line is connected

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