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AI machine learning products

iKala Cloud professional team of cloud AI computing and data scientists helps enterprises quickly import AI/ML technology to address business pain points and industrial application scenarios. Optimize product and service experience, create smart solutions and enhance enterprise operational competitiveness.

Pre-trained model

Enterprises can apply pre-trained model APIs to their products or services without needing to develop models or prepare training model data; and they can immediately test model prediction results.


Google Cloud AI Solutions


AWS AI Services

Automated modeling

Enterprises can use cloud services to build models, upload data, train models, test the results, and apply the models to products through a simple interface, all without needing to develop models.


Google Cloud AutoML


AWS AutoML Solutions

Custom modeling

With pre-trained and customized tools on the ML integration platform, enterprises can build, deploy, and expand AI models; they can also use MLOps tools to easily manage large-scale models and data.


Vertex AI

Amazon SageMaker

Hybrid cloud AI model

If contains confidential data, enterprise can easily run the model across cloud and on-premises through the hybrid cloud management platform. Train it on the cloud, deploy it on-premises, and then send the on-premises data back to the cloud for repeated training.


Google Cloud Anthos
AWS ECS Anywhere
AWS EKS Anywhere

Advantages of AI computing on the cloud

Powerful computing resources

The cloud has flexible, scalable, high-power computing resources and agile cloud native architecture, meeting the high-end computing efficiency needs of enterprises and ensuring low latency in AI decision-making.

Complete integration platform

The cloud provides a machine learning integration platform, saving enterprises hardware deployment and preparation costs. Through the built-in AI model and MLOps tools, enterprises can focus on improving model precision and speeding up product launches.

Mature AI technology

Cloud service providers have top-level product development experience and AI machine learning technology; and they have provided built-in common pre-trained models for enterprise to facilitate the rapid introduction of AI.

Key factors for enterprises to choose iKala Cloud

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technical team

iKala Cloud has more than 50+ cloud technical consultants, data scientists, and has obtained 60+ technical certifications in fields such as infrastructure, data analysis, and machine learning.


Abundant practical experience

iKala Cloud has been engaged in the AI field for many years, and has practical experience in applying AI technology to product development. It can provide DevOps and AI best practices and experience sharing to customers.


Exceptional consulting services

iKala Cloud provides professional and comprehensive modeling consultation services for enterprises, and provides professional technical advice for all aspects of the customer’s AI modeling to help accelerate the launch of AI models.

Customer Testimonials

“In cooperation with iKala Cloud, both parties exchanged many ideas, and also helped us to understand player profiles of this game more deeply, so that we could see that the game could have more possibilities for development and applications.”
—X-Legend Entertainment Vice President Zhou Qiu-mei


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