An enterprise platform for easy deployment and unified management of cross-cloud applications

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Are you facing the following challenges?

Complex IT environment

When working in a cross-cloud environment, it's difficult to effectively keep track of the status and performance of each service, leading to heavier workload for administrator

Unified large-scale policy management

Hoping to automatically apply infrastructure settings and policies at scale to reduce the system burden in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment

Difficulty in cost control

Company tends to purchase more-than-enough hardware to ensure stable and reliable service, resulting in idle resources and higher operating costs

Compliance issues

Companies can't leverage cloud native technologies since some workloads aren't suitable to migrate to the cloud due to compliance or information security issues

Vendor binding restrictions

Developers are unable to freely leverage open source tools for automated deployment when limited by certain vendors, resulting in low development efficiency and slow service delivery

Anthos , an enterprise platform for easy deployment and unified management of cross-cloud applications

Anthos is a management platform for the hybrid or multi-cloud environment. Enterprises can use Anthos for unified deployment, management, and operation of applications across cloud environments and they can publish policies to various environments with consistency. Anthos improves the efficiency of business operations while reducing the inconveniences in IT management for development, maintenance, and information security team.


Anthos offers various services, including cluster management, configuration and policy management, operation management, microservice management, application development and deployment.

Click below to learn more about each service:

Application development and deployment – Google Cloud Marketplace

Developers can find all kinds of easy to use, third-party applications on Google Cloud Marketplace that have passed thorough security tests. With just a few clicks, developers can deploy applications to clusters in various environments.


Application development and deployment – Cloud Run for Anthos

In addition to applications on the Marketplace, developers can also deploy highly scalable containerized applications developed on the fully hosted serverless platform – Cloud Run to Google Cloud.

Microservice management – Anthos Service Mesh

Anthos Service Mesh is a fully hosted network service mesh that controls the flow of microservices, grid telemetry, API calls, authentication encryption (AE), access permissions, and has a built-in failure recovery function.


Anthos Service Mesh is suitable for architecture management of complex microservices in enterprises and it greatly reduces the burden on development and maintenance teams, giving developers more time to focus on building high-quality applications.

Cluster Management—Anthos GKE

Anthos GKE allows users to manage the scheduling of containers regardless of being on-premises or on various clouds. Kubernetes versions, operating systems, container execution stages, and plug-ins in each environment can be synchronized to the latest state, allowing enterprises to enjoy cloud native technology in the most familiar environment.


Policy management—Anthos Config Management

Using Anthos Config Management, users can create infrastructure settings, access control management, information security policies, and automatically publish various configuration changes to all managed Anthos clusters, actively monitor and audit them, and implement information security regulations in a cross-cloud environment.


Operations management—Google operations suite

Cloud Logging on Google’s operations suite can capture and analyze application and system log files in the GKE environment and solve application problems faster. Cloud Monitoring helps the user understand service performance, operating hours, and overall health status, and presents all such information as infographics to improve the efficiency of cross-cloud management.

Consistent management across multiple clouds

Anthos is built on Kubernetes. Enterprises can use Anthos to manage, deploy, and run clusters on Google Cloud, on-premises data centers, private clouds, or clusters on other clouds such as AWS or Azure.


Anthos also provides a management console, allowing users to easily set policies and information security, configure cloud resources, and monitor service status without having to build a hybrid cloud architecture on their own, greatly saving IT team the labor costs for managing massive systems

Key factors for enterprises to choose Anthos

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Easy Cross-cloud Management

Enterprises can monitor and manage workloads across all environments and systems with a single console, enhancing work efficiency for maintenance team


Saving IT Costs

Enterprises can accurately grasp the efficiency of each containerized application and effectively reduce operating costs by eliminating idle resources

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Increase Flexibility

Enterprises can leverage open source tools to conduct automated deployment, accelerating software development and delivery speed and responding faster to the market


Enhance Disaster Resilience

Enterprise services can be migrated at any time according to the needs and can run in various environments, greatly improving the disaster resilience of IT systems


Lower system transfer burden

IT teams won't have to perform large-scale migrations or familiarize themselves with new systems; They can enjoy various cloud-native technologies in existing environments


Improve Information Security

Enterprise can meet security and legal compliance requirements by automatically applying settings and policies to required environments

iKala Cloud lays your foundation of digital transformation

iKala Cloud is a Google Cloud Premier Partner. We have obtained 60+ professional certifications in machine learning, data analysis, infrastructure and so on.
With years of experience in cloud services, iKala Cloud assists enterprises in implementing a multi-cloud/hybrid cloud solutions.

iKala Cloud’s dedicated AI team imports customized AI models for enterprises to satisfy expected business scenarios.
Supplemented by Anthos, enterprises benefit from the core Google AI technologies and can implement them in any required environment.

Are your applications not containerized yet? iKala Cloud provides professional AIOps cloud hosting services.
Our technical consultants provide architecture consultation to help enterprises gradually renew their applications and activate their digital transformation journey.
(Read more about AIOps cloud hosting services)


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