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Receive the latest news and report, enhance your cloud technology and AI skills.


Receive the latest news and report, enhance your cloud technology and AI skills.

iKala helps the retail industry accurately identify golden audiences

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of the retail industry to achieve the integration of online and offline sales. However, as third-party cookies are about to become invalid, the iOS platform is enabling the new SKAdNetwork technology, and the changes in privacy policies, enterprises are faced with difficulties in digital transformation and data marketing.


iKala’s three strategies for conquering the cloud

The pandemic has driven the digital transformation of enterprises and accelerated the market demand for moving to the cloud. The AI technology company iKala has recently been actively expanding its cloud business; in addition to its original scope of business, it has also expanded AWS consultation and implementation services to help improve clients’ IT infrastructure and operational performance on the basis of their needs.


iKala Cloud AIOps released – Helping enterprises migrate to the cloud painlessly

Faced with the need for enterprises to migrate to the cloud, iKala Cloud, focusing on the entire life cycle of IT infrastructure, can provide 5 types of service model to satisfy the needs of enterprises at different stages, allowing them to enjoy the operational advantage of quickly activating their digital innovation while embracing the cloud painlessly.


iKala helps ETMall establish marketing strategies using iKala CDP

With third-party cookies soon becoming invalid, the iOS platform enabling the new SKAdNetwork technology, and the push for data protection such as the EU’s GDPR and California’s CCPA, brands are still trying to get a grasp of the complete profiles of individual customers in real-time; therefore, the CDP customer data platform has become a key tool in helping with customer growth and brand performance.


Rocketing to the clouds – iKala Cloud AIOps Services help enterprises manage multi-cloud environments with ease

Humankind has been actively exploring outer space since the last century, and many challenges …

Our Advantages

  • Partnered with major cloud service strategic partners
  • Service bases across countries in the Asia Pacific
  • Serves 400+ domestic and overseas enterprise customers
  • Possesses  60+ cloud technology certifications

A leader in AI and best partner for digital transformation

We provide customer-centric, one-stop solutions to assist enterprises in upgrading their cloud infrastructure, improving operational efficiency, and accelerating innovation. With its wealth of experience in product development, iKala Cloud has received high acclaim from more than 400 enterprise customers in the Asia-Pacific region.  


From infrastructure, data analysis, AI/ML to security, iKala Cloud will assist your digital transformation journey and help establish a long-term competitive advantage


With 50 data scientists and more than 60 cloud certifications, we provide free consultation for enterprise planning, cloud migration, and automated operation services


With more than 10 years of experience, iKala Cloud provides best practice for enterprise engaging in digital transformation with the latest technology and deep industry know-how

Our Services

Architecture planning
Cloud migration
Project verification
Education and training
Account management
Information security management

Architecture planning

Professional architects customize cloud systems and blueprints according to your enterprise needs

Cloud migration

Import appropriate cloud IT architecture according to the needs of the enterprise to assist in the rapid migration to the cloud


Professional technical consultation, planning, deployment, and execution, so that enterprises can transform painlessly

Project verification

Cooperatively build proof of concept (PoC) framework with customers before introduction to confirm project benefits

Education and training

Cloud service provider certified lecturers help enterprise IT quickly learn and master cloud technology

Account management

Provides multiple payment methods, with open and transparent accounting fees

Information security management

Ensure enterprise information security and prevent external malicious attacks, for the comprehensive protection


Multi-cloud Integration

Unified management from hybrid to multi-cloud environments

Remote Office

Connect, create, and collaborate anytime, anywhere with Google Workspace

Intelligent IT Operations

Operate efficiently with automated cloud hosting services

Customer Data platform

Accumulate data for accurate marketing; establish marketing AI automation

Our Clients


Undergo seamless transformation with the power of AI

Planning your cloud journey and having your business take to the next level?  Fill out the form below to contact us, or send an email to cloud@ikala.tv. We will reply to you as soon as possible.
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