Customer Data Platform

A Customer-Centric solution to unleash data value and drive business growth

iKala CDP - Solving the Toughest Challenges

Marketing Data Silos
Low Conversion Rate

iKala CDP leverages GA4 to collect data from multi-platforms, analyze data, and build prediction models to gain a single customer view, thus maximizing operation efficiency.

Third-party Cookie Limitation
Increased Ad Cost

iKala CDP helps businesses build first-party data to identify customer value, enhance marketing precision, and drive revenue growth.

Limited AI Resources
Unable to Unleased Data Value

iKala consists of data scientists, AI/ML specialists, and technical consultants to assist companies in deploying a data-driven and human-centric marketing strategy.

Driving growth with data-centric strategies

• Omnichannel Data Gathering

Collect customer data from all channels, including general info, behavior data, purchase history, and other external data sources, to create a single customer view that enables businesses to understand their customer better. In addition, iKala CDP has various built-in Open API for simple concatenation and usage that can free enterprise from the hassle of data collection & unification.

• Building Business Data Ecosystem

Assist enterprises in clarifying data sources, establishing a data hub, and supporting application scenarios in an all-rounded way. From data collection, analysis, storage to usage, iKala CDP builds a comprehensive business ecosystem that allows data potential be used to its fullest.

• High Flexibility Dashboard

In addition to standard data dashboard, iKala CDP also provides abundent BI analysis modules and techniques to integrate with data visualization tools such as Tableau, Data Studio, and PowerBI, giving companies a more flexible way to customize reports while gaining data insights

• Customer Value Prediction Model

3 metrics of the RFM model are used to measure customer value:(1) Customer last purchase (Recency) (2) Customer buying frequency (Frequency) (3) Total spending (Monetary). Through iKala CDP pre-defined RFM tags and prediction models, companies can accurately pinpoint a customer’s current status and deliver the most customized call-to-action marketing message.

• AI Automatic Prediction Analysis

With the ability to process huge amout of data within seconds, iKala CDP can timely assist companies in forming successful marketing strategies and greatly reduce the time spent on trial and error. It also enables auto-tagging RFM audience and predicting customer lifetime value. By leveraging AI analysis, companies can maximize data value to its fullest potential and deliver the most effective marketing content to customer in the right place at the right time.

• Dynamic Tagging & Segmentation Filters

iKala CDP assists businesses to build their own customer tagging system, along with defining auto-tagging trigger events to let companies gain real-time insights and provide better services to customers. With CDP, staffs are able to easily filter target audience list through condition setting and labels, greatly lessening IT burden, while at the same time increasing both marketing efficiency and accuracy.

• Marketing Automation

Effectively solving the probelms of overdue marketing messages or expired promotion advertisement, iKala CDP supports real-time automatic push broadcast based on customer behavior, giving a final push for coversion at the right timing. In addition, the automated marketing platform provides flexibility to marketing communication content, allowing staffs to freely edit and optimize the content without any additional development.

Key reasons for choosing iKala CDP


Profound and Localized Team Support

With a team of 50+ data scientists, machine learning experts, and strategic consultants, iKala CDP provides end-to-end supports for our clients along every journey, creating a win-win situation with partners.


Tier 1
Technical Advantage

iKala CDP has below anvantages to offer optimal solutions for partners.
・Certificated partners with Google and Facebook
・With the most cutting-edge technical strength to fully assist clients in transferring data painlessly
・Intergrate directly with GA4 to unify website/mobile device tracking data
・Provide modular functions for higher flexibility and reduce costs effectively


Abundant Company & Partnership Resources

With company and partner resources, including cloud AI technology service iKala Cloud, influencer marketing data service KOL Radar, advertising and application service CloudAD, and the largest LINE service provider Crescendo Lab, etc., iKala provides one-stop MarTech marketing Technology solutions to unleash the maximum potential of data.

iKala CDP is accredited by British Standards Institution (BSI)

iKala CDP obtained the accreditation of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 on Information Security Management.     

Client Success Cases

iKala CDP helps online e-shop acheive a x19 coversion rate increase
Aiming to increase its purchase conversion rate, an online e-shop used iKala CDP to predict its target audience and member lifetime value. By differentiating customer into groups and delivering diversified marketing methods, the company’s conversion rate is boosted
iKala CDP increases 60% view rate for an Online learning platform
In order to gain new members, an online learning platform regularly advertises its courses on FB. iKala CDP assists the company in targeting certain customer segments by using customer matching functions via FB. When compared with conventional DMP* results, iKala CDP’s audience has an average of

*Note:Data Managment Platform, Usually used for the collection and usage of de-identified information

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