KENMEC adopts AWS as first step to start transformation and reduce daily operation and maintenance costs

KENMEC dives into Cloud technology with iKala Cloud and AWS to activate the digital transformation journey
KENMEC dives into Cloud technology with iKala Cloud and AWS to activate the digital transformation journey

KENMEC Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as KENMEC) is a software and hardware supplier that provides smart automated and logistic systems. With over 45 years of industrial experience and over a hundred talent consultants in different professional fields, KENMEC creates one-stop whole-factory solutions for enterprises. From requirement planning, graphic design, manufacturing and installation to warranty, KENMEC helps enterprises improve their technologies and management comprehensively, laying the foundation for factory automation and creating customer value.



Improving hardware performance and innovation momentum in response to market needs


KENMEC has been actively expanding into the international market in recent years, expanding its services to European and American regions. In order to more flexibly respond to the needs for enterprise growth, KENMEC started using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and had iKala Cloud plan the cloud migration architecture for them. The reason KENMEC selected AWS not only was because it has the widest distribution of data centers worldwide and is able to take good care of customers all over the world, the AWS services also include over a hundred cloud service tools, allowing KENMEC to access more resources for future innovation strategies.



Starting from the customer’s perspective, adopting IaaS services to simplify maintenance operations and costs


After iKala Cloud had listened to the customer requirements during early architectural planning, it suggested to start by using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing services. First, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) was used to flexibly expand the computing capacity with the Simple Storage Solution (S3) cloud storage service; these supported everything from data reports to videos and images. As a result, KENMEC could use the centralized management of S3 to store company information and set access levels to ensure the security of the data. One-button deployment is also available, making it possible to instantly create several remote backups of important data to ensure the integrity of the data.


Hand-in-hand tutorial with AWS, looking to innovate the future

As AWS has a wide range of products and services, iKala Cloud collaborates hand-in-hand with the AWS team allow customers to have a more comprehensive understanding of the applications of the cloud field and the benefits of migrating to the cloud. It held several education and training sessions to help KENMEC understand how to extract corporate business intelligence from the various cloud services and technologies of AWS to accelerate innovative transformation. In addition, aside from providing cloud services, iKala Cloud also uses its own expertise and product advantages in AI marketing technology, believing it can more comprehensively help KENMEC in the planning and development of their businesses and marketing.

KENMEC team and iKala Cloud, AWS learning and understanding cloud technology


Migrating projects to the cloud, taking the first step for transformation


After the collaborative discussion with the iKala Cloud team, KENMEC now plans to move some of their existing new projects to the cloud; not only will this help them get familiar with the cloud environment and operations, it can also be used to evaluate the benefits and reduce risks. The new projects are more independent from the main businesses of the company, so they can be adjusted at any time in response to actual circumstances, allowing KENMEC’s first step towards cloud to be smoother and safer.



Company Introduction


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