The golden ratio between cloud and on-premises: iKala reinforces the experience of using Trend Micro's Google Cloud and turns to the DevOps revolution

Asia’s largest cybersecurity leader with #1 global market share in cloud, virtualization, server security
Asia’s largest cybersecurity leader with #1 global market share in cloud, virtualization, server security

Committed to creating a more secure digital world and providing worldwide online information security, Trend Micro is headquartered in Taiwan, and is responsible for the development of core information security products used by more than 30 million enterprises, households, and individual users all around the world. Trend Micro’s technical capabilities are second to none. It is a leading brand in the field of information security and the largest software-only enterprise in Asia. No matter if it is for “cloud security,” “virtualization security,” or “server security,” it has the highest market share in the world.


iKala x Trend University x Google is an effective transmission of cloud technology

In this big cloud era, in order to buttress its leading position in the market, Trend Micro has continued to develop new information security products, all while gradually moving maintenance from the on-premises server room to the cloud. Of which, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has become one such option. However, the transmigration of enterprises to the cloud cannot happen overnight. Defining the organizational structure, effectively separating dozens of products so that each has its own permissions, budget, and structure—these were the initial challenge that Trend Micro faces. Through iKala’s technical consulting services, Trend Micro and iKala have jointly developed a clean and scalable organizational tree structure which allows for highly smooth running of subsequent services on GCP.

After designing an optimal organizational structure, allowing R&D personnel to quickly familiarize themselves with Google Cloud’s product features and experience sharing was a crucial next step for Trend Micro. iKala and Trend Micro have been in intense cooperation in the employee training unit “Trend University”. They not only conduct surveys on technical topics that are of interest to R&D personnel, but also recognize the importance of two-way communication between speaker and audience. Speakers include official Google Cloud certified instructors and prominent experts from various fields who are invited from within Google to pass on their valuable experience.

The Project Manager of Trend Micro’s Global Information Services Department says: “iKala has been our partner since we were just becoming familiar with GCP-related technologies. Whether it is technical consultation or tailor-made internal training, it makes it much easier and smoother for subsequent R&D personnel to enter the field.”


Learn from the past: iKala’s cloud process accompanies Trend Micro as it embarks on the path to DevOps transformation

Asia’s largest software-only company

In addition to the R&D of more advanced and complete network information security technologies, investors also attach equal importance to the DevOps transformation of the enterprise. Comprehensive cloud services have been one of Trend Micro’s key projects of recent years, and the process is now half complete. This year, its products deployed on the cloud have officially surpassed those deployed in the on-premises server room. However, the actual implementation of the DevOps transformation often needs to rely on experience sharing with peers. iKala’s products have the valuable experience of undergoing migration from on-premises server rooms to other cloud platforms, and to Google Cloud, in the end. For Trend Micro, iKala has already walked down that path, so it is able to offer Trend Micro more referential assistance in transformation and decision-making based on the rich experience it has accumulated. Take Google Kubernetes Engine technology sharing as an example. The R&D team originally built Kubernetes on GCP. After iKala shared the GKE product features and compared and analyzed it with other public clouds, the team decided to adopt GKE, which not only saved maintenance labor in later stages, but also more effectively reduced costs.


The next step for Trend Micro: Ride the right trends with the right partners

DevOps transformation is not easy. The larger the scale of the enterprise transformation process, the more the project is more like a marathon run. In the process of Trend Micro’s transformation, iKala not only plays the role of a technical consultant, but also assists Trend Micro in expanding its horizons in the cloud. It has imparted to Trend Micro the experience accumulated from more than seven years of practical work on the cloud, so that R&D personnel will have more options when deploying services.


Company Introduction

Founded in the United States in 1988, Trend Micro has used advanced technology to rapidly expand its footprint to five continents around the world. It currently operates in 50 countries and has 6,000 employees. It is a global leader in network security solutions, assisting consumers, enterprises, and government agencies create a secure environment for information exchange. The company is committed to achieving a safer digital world, and often assists transnational police organizations in combating global cybercrime.

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