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Using AI to assist the digital transformation of enterprises! iKala launches the new iKala Cloud brand

The GCP experts of the iKala cloud business department that have served hundreds of enterprises announced today that the brand has been upgraded to “iKala Cloud”, launching End-to-End AI-driven digital transformation solutions for enterprises to help enterprise owners use customers as the core for establishing accurate marketing strategies and saving business costs.

Sega Cheng, CEO of iKala, stated: “The brand upgrade this time just so happened when the COVID-19 pandemic was severely affecting the global economy and when Google announced the shocking news of eliminating third-party cookies. The launch of ‘iKala Cloud’ with a series of new products includes the customer data platform iKala Data Lake which offers cost benefits. We will continue to play the role of an important partner for enterprises throughout their journey of digital transformation, allowing enterprises to be customer-centric and use AI to establish accurate marketing strategies and lower costs in response to changes in the market. Come to iKala for digital transformation.”

iKala has deeply been deeply rooted in the industry for a long time using Google Cloud technology, and has been operating the most representative cloud technology blog in the greater China region for a very long time. It now has the reputation of being the only company designated for corporate cloud technology training. Now, “iKala Cloud” not only has the three professional Google certifications for machine learning, data analytics and infrastructure, its production lines are also expanding continuously, from cloud infrastructure, hybrid cloud infrastructure services, API management platforms, customer data platforms, marketing data analysis, and video streaming services to AI automatic photoshop applications. It provides comprehensive End-to-End solutions to help enterprises solve problems and save development costs within the shortest time, improving operational performance and optimizing conversion rates, to ultimately achieve the benefits of digital transformation.

iKala Cloud has diverse product series, providing enterprises with highly integrated End-to-End solutions

iKala Cloud has diverse product series, providing enterprises with highly integrated End-to-End solutions; its products include the underlying cloud (Google Cloud) or hybrid cloud (Anthos) infrastructure services, painless cloud relocation, API management platform (Apigee), customer data platform (iKala Data Lake), marketing data analysis, video streaming services and automatic AI photoshop service. In order to help enterprises complete the development, deployment and implementation of AI applications more quickly, iKala Cloud even provides enterprises with technical training courses and consultancy services.

As for the announcement made by Google earlier to eliminate third-party cookies, “iKala Cloud” also proposes corresponding solutions: when advertisement modes that rely on the exchange of cookies become invalid, enterprise owners must focus more on the operations and data collection of first-party customers. Therefore, iKala Cloud launched iKala Data Lake. Through comprehensive 360-degree analysis from the users’ perspective and the full process customer data platform, along with the first-hand external data from iKala, enterprises can expand the customer data they have in hand to increase the Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). Sega Cheng added: “Enterprises must quickly use the user and customer data platform as the center for establishing accurate marketing application strategies; with the shocking news announced by Google, digital advertising has entered a new paradigm shift.”

The global market was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, and enterprises are faced with the daunting prospect of being eliminated if they don’t transform; therefore, they must think how they can quickly start the transformation. The powerful cloud technology and data analysis team of “iKala Cloud” will continue to innovate and develop various AI data applications, and work with enterprises to overcome difficulties and successfully achieve digital transformation.

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