Mend Open Source Management

Code Securely Without Slowing Down Development

Open Source is the Future of Agile Programing

Open source software is used in 96% of commercial code bases

Open source software empowers 75%
of the public cloud workloads

60-80% of an average application codebase consists of open source resources

You should know potential risks of open source …

Almost 10,000 vulnerabilities were found in open source code in 2020 alone

70% of applications contained a security flaw in an open source library.

Attacks against open source repositories have increased by 633%

Companies lack of security measures to ensure open source components are safe and compatible with their code.

80% of enterprises use open source software and
nearly all worry about Security

“You Code. We Cure.”

Mend (formerly known as WhiteSource) is an application security solution provider built to secure today’s digital world. Mend SCA allows organizations to gain full visibility and control over their open source usage, auto detect and remediate vulnerabilities with just one click. Enabling developers to easily develop secure software without compromising on speed or agility. 

Awarded as Leading Application Management Solution by FORRESTER for 6 consecutive years

6/10 Largest software organizations


Renovate downloads

3-year growth

Coding Safer and Quicker with Mend SCA

The Easiest Way to Manage Open Source


Improve Security

Reduce software attack surface on average by 90%.


Full Visibility

Monitor all software components, licenses, vulnerabilities in one place.


Accelerate Development

Seamless integrations and efficient workflows.

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Effective Decision-making

Choosing the best course of action by prioritizing vulnerability.


Saves Time

Save 80% of the time typically spent on remediation.


Intuitive Interface

Clean and simplified UI for easy management.

Customer Testimonial

Mend has become a trusted partner for Microsoft. Open source security is critical to making sure our supply chain is secure. Microsoft relies on Mend to make that true

Nick Banta, Vice President of Global Cybersecurity


Mend and AWS strategic partnership

Mend’s strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensures that both open source and custom code applications running on AWS are secured using a remediation-first approach for faster and more confident deployments.

Strategic Collaboration

Mend's seamless integration into AWS environment delivers secure apps fast

All-up application security

Both open source and custom code builds secured Attack surface slashed by up to 90% and alerts by up to 85%

Remediation-first approach

Mend automated remediation decreases remediation time by up to 80% to accelerate secure software development

Start your Mend journey with iKala Cloud

Cloud Intergration

As a GCP and AWS partner, iKala has rich experiences in cloud technology by assisting clients across 12+ industries. With this advantage, iKala can help integrate Mend solution and CI/CD pipeline on cloud services, ensuring a smooth transformation experience.

Professional Tech Support

iKala has 60+ professional licenses and 50+ consultants with expertise in security, cloud transformation, AI, and automated maintenance fields, allowing iKala to provide the most suitable technical advice and tailor-made solutions in real time.

Customized Training

iKala provides customized trainings that fit practical needs and application scenarios for each enterprise. The courses are the best choice for enterprises who are considering upgrading their security solutions or are aiming to enhance technical skills.

Undergo seamless transformation
with the power of AI

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