Reports – iKala “” Launches 3 Big Data & AI Solutions with Google Cloud Data Analytics Specialization

iKala “” Launches 3 Big Data & AI Solutions with Google Cloud Data Analytics Specialization

2018 / 11 / 7

Derived from big data, AI has eternally changed the way we operate business. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner and Technology Partner, iKala “” pursues an AI-first strategy to enforce the speedy construction and deployment of AI applications at scale. Today iKala “” announces that it is authorized as the only Data Analytics Specialization partner in Greater China region by Google, less than a month after it got Infrastructure Specialization. Meanwhile, iKala “” officially launches 3 novel Big Data & AI Solutions: LTV (Life Time Value) Solution, Smart Recommendation Engine Solution, and Advanced Chatbot Solution. team

Expanding Your Business with Big Data & AI Solutions

LTV (Life Time Value) Solution, also called CLV (Customer Life Time Value), is a prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer. Ideally, companies can predict and assess the value of target audiences through data analytics. However, the complexity and difficulty of building prediction models drive companies away from big data. With over 40 professional architects, iKala “” utilize GCP machine learning tools, such as AutoML and TensorFlow, to help corporates build precise customer analytics model from their data. It helps companies identify customers of high life time value with precision. Applications in finance, adtech, e-commerce and gaming sectors can all benefit from this solution and corporates can allocate their marketing budgets more wisely, boosting the conversion rate.

Smart Recommendation Engine Solution provides off-the-box and generalized recommendation engines to corporates. It is currently used in iKala’s flagship influencer marketing product “KOL Radar” to automatically match suitable KOLs through AI technology. The generalized solution can also be used in a wide spectrum of applications including the ones in retail, e-ccommerce, and adtech.

Lastly, iKala “” has been offering chatbot solutions, helping companies provide 24/7 automatic customer service. The newly announced Advanced Chatbot Solution augments the existing offering with voice recognition interfaces, as well as advanced analytics for self-training and improvement of the bots. The well-known social sellers’ tool provider “Shoplus” has adopted the Advanced Chatbot Solution and successfully launched their latest Facebook sellers’ chatbot services in Thailand.

Sharing Latest AI Trends & Solutions at Google Cloud Summit TW 2018

On November 7th, iKala “” attended Google Cloud Summit Taiwan 2018 as a platinum partner. Sega Cheng, iKala’s CEO, shared the latest global AI trends and how to build scalable AI products through its successful showcases in social commerce and influencer marketing markets. In addition, during the cloud summit, iKala “” showcased its chatbot solution and an AutoML vision demo that achieved amazing accuracy of classifying dog pictures. In the era of data-driven AI, iKala “” will continue to provide even more big data & AI solutions to its customers.

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