Cloud Computing


Well-known e-commerce company explains how it became the profit king of e-commerce by integrating Google Cloud effectively


Creating a high-quality digitalization experience with Google Cloud Platform to pave the path for media transformation

Trend Micro

The golden ratio between cloud and on-premises: iKala reinforces the experience of using Trend Micro’s Google Cloud and turns to the DevOps revolution

Sinyi Realty

iKala Cloud helps Sinyi Realty containerize its services, saving nearly 70% of deployment time, and reducing overall maintenance costs by using Cloud SQL hosting services.

Dcard: Chat Room

Dcard voting live chat room: Use Google Cloud to establish deep connections with users


Using AWS to improve operational efficiency, KOL Radar helps advertisers upgrade their “social media data capabilities”


With regard to cloud resource investment, iKala used GCP to help VoiceTube accelerate product innovation and create an online English learning platform


Make videos with help from AI: GliaCloud uses GCP to create audio and video AI services, with one-click text to audio and video


[Google OnBoard Success Story] KKBOX is on GCP building the world’s largest Chinese-language online music service platform


Competing for the global game market in Asia: The top development team in Taiwan’s gaming industry—Rayark Games

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