Creating innovative and sustainable enterprises: Sinyi Realty builds digital transformation architecture on Google Cloud

With more than 450 chain stores, Xinyi Realty drives to build an innovative environment through the cloud
With more than 450 chain stores, Xinyi Realty drives to build an innovative environment through the cloud

Sinyi Realty has been deeply rooted in Taiwan for more than three decades, being an iconic enterprise group in Taiwan. Under the O2O digital transformation trend, it is important to build a complete digital platform architecture for enterprises. Therefore, the Digital Intelligence Center was established in 2018 to set off on the path toward digitalization, and data has already begun being uploaded to the cloud.


“Reduce cloud construction time costs by 70%”
After multiple assessments, Google Cloud with innovative products, high stability and speed was adopted


When Sinyi Realty considered their future use of the cloud, high stability, performance and flexibility were particularly important to them. So, they began assessing the cloud computing performance of Google Cloud and the applications of its AI products. They also took the environment of Google Cloud’s new internet data center in Changhua Coastal Industrial Park and future product innovations into consideration. During this period, Google and iKala provided professional consultation and solutions, and after multiple assessments, Sinyi Realty decided to migrate from the cloud service they used in the past to Google Cloud.



GKE assists in the containerization and rapid deployment of projects

When Sinyi Realty migrated to Google Cloud, they focused on reconstructing the cloud infrastructure to become cloud native. They relocated all customer service functions to the cloud and will apply Google Cloud big data analysis, machine learning and other smart applications in the future. Therefore, iKala Cloud helped Sinyi Realty to containerize all their inherent services and then migrate them to the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). The handling staff was also able to the save time costs of repeatedly confirming the architecture because GKE has a feature for reproducing cloud infrastructures. If Sinyi Realty wants to add project containerization in the future, they can simply do so based on the prior architecture!


The deputy general manager of the digital smart center, Chen Li-hsin said: “The implementation time was reduced by two thirds when GCP was used; not only did it reduce our IT labor force for operation and maintenance, the cost of the new cloud after migration was also only one third of that of our old architecture.”


iKala works closely with Google to provide professional help: Sorting out cloud infrastructure so IT personnel can get started easily


Through the quick assistance and education and training from iKala Cloud, the projects of Sinyi Realty were containerized quickly and smoothly. It also helped Sinyi Realty use the hosting service of Cloud SQL to reduce the costs for operation and maintenance. The recommended Cloud resource construction specifications from the professional consultation beforehand also met the requirements of Sinyi Realty during implementation, and allowed them to be used with peace of mind. During the transition period before becoming fully cloud native, iKala Cloud used its practical experience to help Sinyi Realty keep its data stable and coexist during this period.
Sinyi Realty reconstructed their own cloud infrastructure, allowing the cloud layout to become more complete; if any changes or migration of the architecture need to be carried out in the future, the IT staff can implement them within the orderly architecture. The professional architects of iKala Cloud also sorted out complete infrastructure manuals exclusively for Sinyi Realty. In the future, they only need to focus on developing services and placing the data in the cloud for digitalization. Products on Google Cloud can also be used for more accurate big data analysis and artificial intelligence to help the enterprise grow.

Company Introduction

The Sinyi Realty Group upholds a spirit of being “people-oriented” with a vision and goal of “commitment to corporate social responsibility to create a world-class service industry”. With Sinyi Realty as the starting point, a vertical business strategy using real estate as the main business strategy has been adopted to develop its seven major business groups as the basis for development: the Taiwan core business group, Taiwan relations business group, China Sinyi business group, development business group, overseas business group, Fan-Sinyi group, and the cultural public welfare group. After over three decades of hard work, Sinyi Realty has gradually expanded into a self-reliant and sound management system.

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